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Certificates for recognition in a foreign country

The Center has national and exclusive cognisance to issue certificates for applicants who want their healthcare qualifications - obtained or recognised (nostrificated) in Hungary – to be recognised in other countries, especially in EU/EEA countries.

For information about the recognition procedure in other countries, it is highly recommended to contact the host country’s authority first.

What kind of certificates can be issued? (For more information please click on the name of the certificate.)

  1. Certificates that can be issued exclusively for doctors, dentists, (general) nurses, midwives, pharmacists:
    1. certificate of conformity (with reference to Article 23.6., 24., 25., 28., 31., 34., 35., 40., 44. of Directive 2005/36/EC)
    2. certificate of acquired rights (with reference to Article 23.1. of Directive 2005/36/EC)
  1. Certificates that can be issued for all healthcare professionals:
    1. certificate which attests the length of the healthcare activity pursued in Hungary
    2. certificate of good standing (Pursuant to Section 110/A of Act CLIV of 1997)
    3. certificate which attests the level of professional qualification ( with reference to Article 11 of Directive 2005/36/EC )
    4. certificate of good health
    5. other

Please note that the the certificates are issued only by your request! The list of the necessary documents and other important information can be found in the submenus. If you have any questions concerning the procedure you can contact our consultants.