OKFŐ - Activities of the Department

Activities of the Department

The Department of Recognition is responsible for:

  • carrying out the recognition process of healthcare qualifications obtained in a foreign country,
  • carrying out the procedure of issuing certificates for recognition in a foreign country concerning healthcare qualifications obtained or recognized in Hungary,
  • carrying out the process of licensing activities related to the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
  • carrying out the process of reporting cross-border services,
  • carrying out the process of authenticating medical reports to be used in a foreign country.

The Department of Monitoring is responsible for:

  • operating the human resource monitoring system of the health sector,
  • carrying out the tasks related to data reporting under reuse of public data,
  • participating in the tasks related to the National Data Collection Program and the Data Collection System of the Health Sector
  • carrying out annual surveys on the training needs of healthcare professionals of consolidated health care institutions.