OKFŐ - Fee of the procedure

Fee of the procedure

Certificates to be used in the recognition procedure in another country:

The fee is 15.000,- HUF per certificates for the following cases:

- certificate of conformity

- certificate of aquired rights

- certificate which attests the lenght of the healthcare activity pursued in Hungary

- certificate of good standing

- certificate of good health 

- certificate which attests the level of  professional qualification 


Recognition of diplomas obtained in another country:

In case of automatic recognition, the procedure is free.

In case of recognition under general system, the procedure is free, the expert’s fee is 25.000,- HUF.

In case of recognition of a non EEA qualification, the administrative fee is 45.000,- HUF and the expert’s fee is 25.000,- HUF, alltogether 70.000,- HUF.


Authorization of healthcare activity (Traditional Chinese Medicine):

The administrative fee of the authorisation of healthcare activities in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine is 168.000, - HUF.


Authentication of medical reports to be used abroad:

The procedure of the authentication is free.


Payment information:

The fee has to be paid by bank transfer or cheque to the following account number of the Directorate General: 10032000-00362241-00000000. The receipt shall be attached to the application.

When you transfer the money from a foreign bank account, please transfer the amount to the following account number:

National Directorate General for Hospitals
Swift code: HUSTHUHB

IBAN number: HU97 1003 2000 0036 2241 0000 0000
Bank: Hungarian National Bank

The fee of the transfer and the change is the applicant's cost.