OKFŐ - Recognition procedure

Recognition procedure

Carrying out the procedure for the recognition of healthcare qualifications obtained in a foreign country belongs to the competence of the Center if
- the certificate – attesting any healthcare qualification – has been acquired in an EU Member State by an EU citizen or by a person who is falling under the same jurisdiction, or if
- the certificate has been acquired in a non-Member State or by a non-EU citizen and it attests secondary level healthcare qualification or higher level specialist healthcare qualifications.

The recognition process can be conducted only in the case of healthcare qualifications which have been obtained after the completion of accredited training in the country where the given qualification can be acquired.

In all cases, the recognition procedure is started by the request of the person who acquired the foreign healthcare qualification. In that procedure, the Center or an expert appointed by the Center examine the given foreign healthcare qualification and its training requirements, in order to determine the conditions of the recognition to any obtainable or previously obtainable healthcare qualification in Hungary, which is equivalent with the acquired qualification.

Preliminary information in connection with the outcome of the recognition procedure in such cases which requires the involvement of an expert cannot be given; we are only able to provide information in the light of the opinion of an expert.

Which procedure applies to you?

Different recognition procedure shall apply to those who obtained their qualifications in an EU Member State, as an EU citizen and to those who obtained their qualifications in a non-Member State, as a non-EU citizen (Recognition of a non EEA qualification).
However, the procedure can be different in the first case as well, depending on that the diploma was issued after the successful completion of a training which satisfies the training requirements laid down by the EU directives (Automatic recognition) or not (Recognition under general system)