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Hungarian Basic or Operational Registry

Last Updated: 13 August 2018
Dear Customers,
Please be advised that for the current Hungarian legislation from 1th of August 2018  the Department of Registration and Training does not post abroad your documents of the Hungarian Basic or Operational Registry. In order to provide these documents you have to indicate a Hungarian adress on the application form.
However, the posting process of the Department of Recognition does not change: the cerificates issued for the recognition of the diplomas ( eg. certificate of conformity,  good standing letter) will still be posted abroad, as well as the decisions on the diploma recognitions.
Thank you for your understanding!

Contact details

Last Updated: 25 September 2020

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Postal address: 1444 Budapest, P.O.Box: 270.
Personal customer service:
1085 Budapest, Horánszky street 24.
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:30-15:30
The customer service is closed on Friday.

General informations (Basic and Operational Registry)

Last Updated: 13 August 2018
The Hungarian Basic Registry
The issuing body will notify our authority, the ÁEEK EFF about the health diploma, qualification so the registration into the Basic Registry is automatically by the notification of the issuing body (the health worker has no things to do).
The Hungarian Operational Registry
In Hungary the healthcare activity can be practise independent or under supervision. Without valid Operational Registration the healtcare professionals can work under supervision only.
Applying for operational registration on the first occasion you need the followings:
1) Fill out completely and sign the application form
The registration to the Operational Registry is only possible upon application, therefore applicants are required to fill out the application form and submit it either by post (as a required letter) or in person (at our customer service).
2) Administrative fee
Upon first registration: 3000,- HUF administrative fee has to be paid by bank transfer to the bank account hold by ÁEEK:
Bank account number: 10032000-01490576-00000000 
Swift code: HUSTHUHB
IBAN number: HU06 1003 2000 0149 0576 0000 0000
The acknowledgment of the payment shall be attached to the application.
3) Membership of the chamber
If you are a healthcare professional with foreign citizenship who do not intend to work in the area of healthcare in Hungary and the permission for the healthcare activity – certificate of the Hungarian  operational registration – is only necessary due to the recognition of professional qualification abroad, it is not obligatory to have the membership of the chamber.
As indicated above, healthcare professionals can obtain operational registration without the membership of the chamber, provided that the Hungarian or English version of the „Declaration for foreign citizens” has been attached to the application form. 
The application can be sent:
by post as a required letter to the address 1444 Budapest, P.O. Box 270.;
by personal at our customer service during the opening hours (see more at the contact details)
It is not allowed to send the application by e-mail.