OKFŐ - Certificate of Acquired Rights

Certificate of Acquired Rights

What kind of qualifications can the certificate of acquired rights be issued about?

Regarding the diploma in general medicine, certain specialist qualifications in medicine, diploma in general dentistry, certain specialist qualifications in dentistry, diploma in pharmacy, diploma in (general) nursing, diploma in midwifery obtained in Hungary or obtained in an other EU country and recognised (nostrificated) in Hungary.

What does the certificate of acquired rights attest?

Based on the Article 23.1 (and 33.1.) of the Directive 2005/36/EC it attests that the Applicant has been effectively and lawfully engaged in the relevant healthcare activity for at least three consecutive years during the five years preceding the award of the certificate.

You need to submit the following documents in the procedure (by post or in person at our customer service):

  • application form filled out and signed by the Applicant,
  • copy of the valid passport/ID card,
  • copy of any official document concerning the applicant’s registered address
  • copy of the diploma,
  • original certificate from the employer which attests the effective and lawful healthcare activities and their duration and the position held,
  • receipt of bank transfer or the postal cheque about the payment of the fee of the procedure.